Planning a party, wedding shower, baby shower, tea party, ladies luncheon, or do you want a fabulous dessert buffet?
Perhaps you just need a gift for someone special?  Regardless of the reason, these petit fours and mini desserts will combine to create a spectacular menu to meet your needs and budget.


Please allow a minimum of four days to prepare your order.

Traditional Petit Fours by definition are small bite-sized pastry items that only require one to two bites.  They come in basically four different types:

Petit Four Glaces -  Cake based and usually glazed with an icing, ganache, or poured fondant.  Typically elaborately decorated.
Petit Four Secs -  Piped cookie based and not elaborately decorated.
 Petit Four Demi-Secs -  Cookie based and usually two cookies sandwiched together with a filling and partially coated.
Petit Four Varies - Any other pastry made small, but specifically éclairs, truffles, and tarts.

Petit Fours and Mini Desserts:
(all of these items are between one and two bites)

Rugelach Moons -  2 dozen -  $20  
Banana Walnut Bites with Banana Cream Swirl -  1 1/2 dozen -  $15
Nutella Minicakes -  2 dozen -  $15
Mediterranean Bites -  2 dozen -  $20
Mini Coconut Tea Cakes -  2 dozen -  $20
Pecan Macaroons -  3 1/2 dozen -  $23

Tartlets -  2 dozen of one flavor -  $20
Bourbon Pecan or Dutch Apple or Lemon or Chocolate Truffle or Almond

Decorated Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies -  1 dozen of one flavor -  $15
(White, Dark, Milk, or Colored)

Pumpkin Butterscotch Puffs -  2 dozen bite-sized puffs -  $15

Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites -  2 dozen -  $18
Peanut Butter Fudge Topped Brownie Bites-  2 dozen -  $20
Kicked-Up Seven Layer Triangles -  4 dozen -  $18
Pecan Shortbread Bites - 2 dozen - $15
Chocolate Espresso Bites -  2 dozen -  $20

White Chocolate Marcona Almond Bars - 2 dozen petit-four size bars -  $25

Petit Four Glace -  2 dozen of one flavor -  $22
Frangipane (Almond Cake) or Cream Cheese Pound Cake with Raspberry and/or Apricot filling
Five Flavor Pound Cake Glace (no filling)
Cherry Petit Four Cakes (no filling - pink, cannot change color)

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